Editorial Note

The Nigerian Journal of Home Economics (Nig. JHEC) (ISSN: 2782-8131) is a publication of the Home Economics Professional Association of Nigeria (HEPAN) managed by Home Economics Council (HECON) which is the national body.

Nigerian Journal of Home Economics (Nig. JHEC) (ISSN: 2782-8131) brings together emergent issues and current trends on all aspects of Home Economics, and most importantly, how Home Economics teachers and practitioners might improve and renew the everyday work and lives of Home Economist, individual and households.

It features quantitative and qualitative, disciplinary and trans-disciplinary, empirical and theoretical work and includes special editions on key developments. It aims to push the boundaries of theory and research to seek out new paradigms, models and ways of framing Home Economics.

The Journal welcomes contribution from members and non-members, from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspective.

Manuscript should be sent electronically to Prof Lilian Salami via njhe@hepan.org.ng.

The above notes are subjects to review by the editorial board from time to time.

Professor Lilian I. Salami
Editor-in-Chief: Nig. JHEC