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The theme for this year’s conference: Home Economics: Past, Present and Future in Post-Covid Pandemic is therefore considered very apt and significant in addressing the multidisciplinary concerns that will bring about innovative ideas, knowledge and skills geared towards improving the quality of life of individuals, families, communities and society at large.
The 11th March 2020 is a date that is significant as the earth experienced a global remarkable change to a new normal which affected the entire human race, professional practices and activities of men and women in unimaginable ways across the nations of the world. The World Health Organization [WHO] (2020a) officially declared the viral infection emanating from a novel corona virus on the 11th of march, 2020 which was previously named COVID-19, a global pandemic (Worldometer, 2021). The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a global economic recession which has resulted in a dramatic loss of livelihoods and income on a global scale (World Bank, 2020a).
The spread of COVID-19 already had a high human cost, and with public health systems struggling to cope, these costs will continue to grow. This has led to significant trade disruptions, drops in commodity prices, and the tightening of financial conditions in many countries. These effects have already led to large increases in unemployment and underemployment rates and will continue to threaten the survival of many firms worldwide (Loayza and Pennings, 2020). Furthermore, the International Labour Organization (ILO) stated that more than the equivalent of 400 million full-time jobs was lost in the second quarter of 2020 with a number of countries enforcing lockdown measures (ILO, 2020a). In Nigeria, a similar or higher scenario of its effects was recorded.
This is also having complex consequences for professionals in the field of Home Economics. In order to address the main focus of this topic, emphasis will be laid in the following areas.
• Brief Historical perspective of Home Economics practice
• Home Economics and its components
• Challenges of Learning Situations in the past and Present.
• The future of Home Economics in post covid-19 Era.
• Innovations in Home Economics classrooms (Digital Learning Platforms).
• Problems of Online learning
• Optimal Productivity & Sustainability in Teaching & Learning Home Economics Education

Author Biography

Prof. Ngozi Mary Eze, University of Nigeria

Department of Home Economics and Hospitality Management Education
University of Nigeria, Nsukka



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